Visit the cart to use the shipping calculator for shipping prices or alternatively request a shipping quote during checkout.


Express delivery time does not include the time that it takes for us to prepare your parcel. Please count some extra days for us to do so.

Europe, USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Brasil, Israel work normally again, also with regular priority shipping.

New Zeeland and Australia only small packages up to 2kg, biggest with DHL Express.

We have discounted DHL EXPRESS RATES!


Delivery to CANADA with regular shipping take about 2-3  month - custom in Canada made delays! Please don't claim shipping delays!

Delivery to the UK and Ireland with regular shipping take last time about 3-6 weeks, hope for your patience.

If you need package fast, please chose DHL Express, delivery times for priority regular shipping can be longer.



All items are packed in bubble envelopes or cardboard packages - packaging is free of charge!

*If your order total exceeds €500, PRIORITY SHIPPING IS FREE - everywhere in the world!! (except new/used sets), Express shipping is not at this price, only Priority shipping!

All items are packed in bubble envelopes or cardboard packages - packaging is free of charge!

All orders have a tracking number, but they are not insured (only GLS shipments are insured up to 200 EUR). Please request insurance!

A tracking number will be added 1-2 working days after shipping in your order (under the price on the right side).

You can check your tracking as follow:

POSTA SLOVENIA (tracking number starting with CA... or RA...):  or

GLS (tracking number starting with 90....):

Insurance is available at your request. Please, when placing your order let us know if you want insurance. Insurance by our post is not available for some countries (UK, NORWAY, MEXICO, IRELAND...). Please ask before placing an order and we will check if it is available for your country. The price for insurance is 1,5€ per every 50€ of value.


Weight EU only (priority with tracking, cca 3-14 days)  EUROPE (EU) (DHL Express 2-4 days) WORLD (Priority with tracking cca 10-60 days) USA, CANADA, MEXICO (DHL Express 3-5 days) OTHER WORLD (DHL Express 3-5 days)
up to 80g €6.00   €6.00    
up to 200g €7.00   €7.00    
up to 400g €10.00   €10.00    
up to 800g €12.00 €14.00 €12.00 €18.00 €24.00
up to 1600g €16.00 €22.00 €18.00 €26.00 €32.00
up to 4000g €18.00 €32.00 €57.00 €38.00 €48.00
up to 8000g €26.00 €52.00 €68.00 €62.00 €84.00
up to 16000g €30.00 €82.00 €92.00 €98.00 €142.00
up to 26000g €35.00 €110.00 €116.00 €148.00 €212.00

Usually takes shipping from 2-25 working days for Europe and 1-8 weeks for World (also the USA) to receive your shipment-it depends on how far from Slovenia is country where you live.  If you do not receive your shipment within the stipulated time, please contact us.

USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA - the shipping takes approximately 3-8 weeks, during holidays longer. Please do not expect shipment within a week, it is not possible. Sometimes shipment stands on customs for a few weeks - no update on the tracking number.

I understand that you must be very frustrated in case shipment is lost, but you must understand, that this is not our fault and in this case, we don't return your payment!  

ITALY - priority shipping can take a minimum of 1-6 weeks!

When we sent your items, we get a certificate in the post office as a to prove that shipment was sent. Under post office rules you can only get back the shipping price after the inquiry is closed with a solution that shipment is lost. If you don't agree with the terms written above, please don't order in our store.

We ship to your Bricklink Address. Please double-check your addresses. We will use the BrickLink address for shipping unless you instruct us to ship elsewhere!! It´s always good when you write your Phone Nr. behind your name. No problem for shipment to an alternate address, mention this please on the Order Notes field, immediately when you submit your order!

The declared value on the customs form will be the grand total of bricks (without shippiing&handling fees); We are not willing to deliberately use wrong customs declarations because we are a legal business company and would like to continue our job for some more years to come.Last Updated: 18 Aug 2020